Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad for PC

what is a gamepad?

Gamepad is a controller in which an individual user plays games in his/her pc, laptops, consoles, mobiles e.t.c. for example, Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad for PC.

why use a gamepad?

Reasons for which you should go for a gamepad are:-  

Gamepad helps to get the best gaming experience which we can't expect from a keyboard.  
Playing fps games with a keyboard is not so comfortable.
There are some games that don't support the keyboard in these games a gamepad is required to play these games like Don Bradman, ashes cricket e.t.c.
With a gamepad, you can play any game.

Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad for PC Games
This is the best gamepad in our budget. It has Xbox 360 controller theme.


Integrated force feedback.
Direct-input mode.
Enhanced Dual-shock motors.
Extra precision analog device.
Just plug and play.


It has a small wire.
No mention of a warranty.
It doesn't have a good analog grip.

Buy it:- AMAZON