Best graphics card under 3000

In this post, I had covered the best graphics card for you around 3000. Graphics card is required to play in your laptops or desktops(computer). A processor isn't only required to play games in your pc or laptops. Graphics card which I had discussed below were able to play GTA V and some more modern games in 720p resolution with very high to ultra settings for 40 - 60 fps. Minimum PCIe 3.0 required to run these graphics card. Minimum power supply required is 450 watt. Don't expect too much from these graphics card because these priced under 5000. So they had maximum 2gb VRAM which is not enough to run the games which will be launched in the future. Upcoming or just launched games may supports 4gb minimum VRAM for the smooth gameplay. 
It doesn't mean that you should go for the weak graphics like gt 710 2gb this graphics card performs 3-4 times less than the graphics card discussed below.

Best graphics card under 3000 are as follows:-
1. Gtx 660 2gb 

This is the best graphics card for this budget. This is the only card which can help you to experience 720p gaming in this budget under 5000. This graphics card comes with gddr5 memory. This graphics card comes with two best cooling fans which provide you long time smooth gameplay under 5000. This graphics has 1024 CUDA cores. This graphics card has a base clock of 1033 and boost clock of 1098. This graphics card has a memory clock of 6 Gbps. It has memory bandwidth (Gb/sec) 112. It supports PCIe 3.0
This is a used graphic but comes as a new one and the seller is aliexpress which provides you 60 days money refund and ensures you a good quality product. it comes with 28nm technology.



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